Avery + Ben, Cushman Residence

Williamstown, MA


We were lucky enough not only to work with Avery and Ben (the cutest, most in-love couple ever!) on the planning of this magical day, but also with Avery’s mother Lisa. After telling us she was having recurring nightmares about giant porcupines invading the wedding reception, we knew we had a jittery MOB on our hands. (Mezze Catering had great fun planning the wedding with Lisa despite her fears…) The house and property of Avery’s childhood served as a gorgeous backdrop to what would become a most beautiful wedding celebration. Amazing hydrangea trees outlined the ceremony space and elegant lighting design graced the reception tent. From the raw bar and beer boat under the cocktail tent to the delicious prime rib dinner and the most talented band in our area, EVERY single detail fell perfectly into place. And, thankfully, not one porcupine in sight!